Class Review: Zumba at the LC, Swansea

The LC Swansea

| Reviewed by Rebecca Thomas |

As someone who is new to exercise (and yes, at 35 it’s about time I started), I decided to try the weekly Zumba at the LC class in my efforts to keep fit.

My mum, who is 59, joined me for the class. Considering she’s done about one hour of exercise in the last six decades, it would be an experience for her too!


Don’t ask me why, but I was worried the instructor would be an uncompromising disciplinarian, similar to an old PE teacher in school. However, there was nothing to worry about as we met Mustafa.

What a fun guy – full of energy and wit, and clearly a professional. He was someone who made everyone feel genuinely comfortable with the class, whether you were an experienced dancer or (as most of us were) newcomers to the exercise.

The Class

Kitted in an old Primark t-shirt and not-particularly-glamourous leggings, we started with a warm-up dance, which is slower-paced version of pretty much what we’d do in the rest of the class.

The pace increased and before we knew it we were flying through the tracks. The music was an eclectic mix of high-paced, modern and fun Latin tracks that make you want to dance. Following Mustafa was easy, and we got the hang of it in no time.

The class is on for about an hour, although by the time you’ve had a little chat at the start and done some warm-down stretches at the end, you dance for about 45 minutes. But what a great workout, and one that really got your whole body moving. We were a sweaty mess by the end, but had enjoyed what seemed more like fun than exercise.


The class takes place inside the LC, Swansea, in Studio B. It’s a great space, and the studio overlooks the swimming pool. It seemed to be a proper dance studio as the walls were lined with mirrors and ballet rails. No complaints there. There are also ample changing rooms at the LC, although we didn’t use these, so I can’t comment on them.


I’m not a member of the gym, so I pay £5.95 per Zumba session. For me, this proves pretty good value for the workout you get. It’s either that or a slice of cake and a latte, and I know which is better for me! One thing that would be nice is if they would consider a class-only membership or some sort of discount scheme for people who want to use the Zumba class every week, but aren’t interested in the gym itself.


For someone who hates the thought of exercise, I was impressed with how easy it was to settle into this Zumba at the LC class. The instruction was great, and we will 100% return (in fact, since our first class we have done so twice)!


The class reviewed takes place on a Thursday evening at 7.25pm.

You can find out more info about these classes on the LC website.

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