How to keep fit this Christmas (and still have fun)

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These days, Christmas tends to be a booze-and-pie-fueled holiday, which seems to span at least a six week period. While the winter holiday is certainly something to look forward to, it also brings with it plenty of reasons to let your fitness goals fall apart.

However, it’s not necessary to let all your hard work over the year slip just because there is a mountain of mince pies within reach.

Here are a few quick tips to keep you in with a fighting chance at keeping fit this Christmas.

You’ll thank us come January!

Take Advantage of Snow!

Admittedly in Swansea we aren’t blessed with American-style mounds of snow, but if it does happen, there’s loads you can do in the snow to keep fit and have fun. Sledding down a hill (and climbing back up) is excellent cardio, while a snowball fight is the perfect reason to run around outside, while taking out some festive aggression. Fingers crossed for some white stuff this year…


Women keeps fit this Christmas

Stick to Your Routine

Just because it’s Christmas, it doesn’t mean you need to take a month-long break from your usual fitness routine. Sure, things get busier, and you probably won’t be heading to the gym on Christmas Day, but schedule in time for the gym, a run, or for a regular fitness class. A brisk walk is also ideal to soak up some daylight, although make sure to wrap up warm.

Eat at Home

‘Tis the season of parties, but do your best to eat at home, before you head out. That way you can enjoy a balanced, nutritious meal, and feel less urge to overindulge at a buffet or restaurant. It’ll also be more wallet-friendly!


Spouts to keep fit this Christmas

Keep your immune system strong and feel fit this Christmas with sprouts!

Indulge in Sprouts

Not everyone loves a brussel sprout. But these little green nuggets – a festive dinner staple – are awesome. Packed full of minerals and immune system-boosting vitamin C, there’s no better time to enjoy them, especially while they are fresh and in-season. Check out this article to read more on theĀ benefits of sprouts.

Try a Fitness Advent Calendar

Instead (or at least in addition to…) your usual chocolate one, a fitness advent calendarĀ is a great way to keep moving every day in December – whether you are a regular fitness enthusiast or a complete beginner. You gradually build up from a little exercise to a lot, meaning by Christmas Day, you have thoroughly deserved your dinner! Check out our article on fitness advent calendars and how to construct one yourself.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Over the winter party season, set aside at least two night’s a week to go to bed at a normal time (i.e. before midnight). It’ll keep you looking and feeling fresher than the guy who partied every night that week, energetic enough to do some exercise, plus it will keep your immune system in good shape.

Watch What You Drink

You don’t have to avoid Swansea’s Wind Street (although perhaps it’s a good idea anyway…), but the most obvious advice to keep fit this Christmas is to drink in moderation. Easier said than done sometimes, but give yourself a limit then stick to it. Just remind yourself that there are around 180 calories in a pint of beer, and up to 300 in a glass of wine.

Get Your Skates On!

Many towns and cities across Wales usually set up outdoor ice-rinks for public use over the winter (usually for a small price) – Swansea in particular, with the Winter Wonderland (in front of the LC). Whether you’re a seasoned ice-skating veteran, or have never tried it, it’s a surprisingly great way to get your heart rate up and have fun. Just watch those falls, and try not to break a leg…

Enjoy Yourself!

The festive season is a great time to enjoy eating and drink your favourite foods, and you shouldn’t stop yourself. Just limit yourself to more sensible portions and you’ll find you’ll be able to keep fit this Christmas with greater ease.

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