Gym Review: The LC, Swansea

The LC Gym in Swansea

| Reviewed By Chris Carra |

First off, let’s get something straight – it’s called the LC, not the LC2! The ‘2’ in the logo is actually a wave. As far as I know, it’s officially known as the LC. 

Now that’s out of the way, I can start my review.

And, to me, the LC is perhaps the best gym in Swansea. While I’m not a member there, it’s my go-to gym if I need to work-out while in the city centre.

There’s plenty going for it – it’s central, it’s modern, it’s well-equipped, it’s clean and it actually has one of the best views a gym in Swansea can offer (overlooking the Waterfront Museum and green spaces from the second floor).

Note that this is a review of the LC Gym, not the classes, pool, or facility as a whole.


The actual gym is set inside the main LC complex, which also offers other fitness activities such as the pool, a spa, and a climbing wall, as well as a cafe and some sort of children’s play area.

This gym is set over two floors. The lower floor is primarily cardio equipment, with everything from treadmills and cross trainers, to those cool StairMaster machines (not sure if that’s the exact brand the LC use). I believe there are around 180 in total over the two floors, which is pretty generous.

A small free-weights section and resistance area exists on the lower floor, but it’s up the oddly-long spiral staircase to the second floor where the majority of free-weights and resistance machines sit.

Bench press (flat, incline and decline), squat racks, utility benches and Smith machines all feature, as do a pretty generous selection of plates and dumbbells. You’ll find some extras such as kettlebells, powerbags and medicine balls, but not a huge range in this department.


I rarely see them on the second floor, but a few were milling around the entrance to the gym. All seemed approachable and friendly, although I don’t tend to actually speak to anyone (call me antisocial…).


It’s quite a calm gym in general. The general clientele seems a big mix of age groups and abilities. Overall it’s quite quiet, which is good. Sure, you’ll get a few nutters dropping weights and psyching themselves up now and again, but everyone seems to get on with it in relative silence. The gym is also peppered with TVs showing various shows including SkySports, should you wish to catch a match while working out!

Changing Rooms 

Having only been in the men’s changing rooms I can say that the LC offers a very clean experience. One of the cleanest changing experiences I’ve had at a gym in Swansea (because there are some pretty grim ones!). There’s rarely any water on the floor, the general smell isn’t unpleasant, and there are plenty of lockers.

The shower area is clean and the showers function quite well. However I’m not a fan of the automatic on/off feature. For me, this feature tends to be a little temperamental (not so great when you have soap in your eyes…). Otherwise no complaints in this department.


I’m happy to recommend the LC gym in Swansea. It’s definitely one of the best in the city, although suited more towards the general gym-goer and fitness enthusiast, instead of serious bodybuilders or power-lifters. It’s spacious, clean and overall decent value for money (a single session is £5.95).


Check the LC website for more details on times, prices and equipment.

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The LC, Swansea

The LC, Swansea












  • Good selection of cardio equipment
  • Modern and clean
  • Great views!


  • Temperamental showers
  • Not as many free weights as other gyms in the area

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