Gym Review: Swansea University Gym, Swansea

Swansea University Gym

| Reviewed by Chris Carra | 

I have plenty of experience with the Swansea University gym as I am currently a member there – making me hugely qualified to write a review!

Despite the name, you don’t have to be associated with the university in any way (i.e. you don’t need to be a student to use it). It’s open to the public, and at a pretty competitive price.


The gym itself is actually quite small, compared to places like the LC and The Gym, but The Swansea University Gym is rarely rammed to the point that you have to wait for machines. So, in this case, small is sufficient.

That’s not to say it’s tiny – far from it. Cardio-wise you have a good selection of treadmills, rowing machines, bikes and cross-trainers. On the resistance side of the gym you have a decent area for free weights with enough utility benches to go around.

Then you a power lifter-friendly area with squat racks, Smith machines, benches, and a big range of barbells and plates. There’s also a smaller area featuring mats, kettlebells, TRX, step boxes, and pull-up bars.

For someone like myself – who’s interested in keeping fit using both cardio and weight training – the equipment on offer is more than ample.

Oddly, despite being a member, I can’t talk for the changing rooms as I’ve not actually used them. Unlike the more central gyms, I tend to just get out of the car, workout, then get back in the car to go home. However the general cleanliness of the gym (and other areas) is impeccable. Generally I can’t fault it. There’s always a cleaner milling around, and there’s plenty of signs of regular cleaning.


As fitness class offerings go, Swansea University gym is fantastic. I attend the Titan Conditioning sessions twice a week, while the centre also offers classes such as Les Mills BodyPump, Les Mills Grit, Spin, Zumba and Yoga. All included in the price of a membership.




Aside from saying hello on the way in, I rarely speak with the staff. However, they all seem nice enough and have a good rapport with some users. I don’t usually see them wandering the gym, but there is always one at the little reception area at the entrance to both the centre and the gym itself. I have seen them help some older gym users get to grips with the machines, so if you aren’t comfortable using a gym this is a good aspect.


You will find a big mix of gym users. I tend to go quite early in the mornings and it’s a mix of older folk (around 60 to 80 years old) and, naturally, younger guys and gals, mostly students at the uni. The older users all seem to chat quite a bit, while the younger seem to keep to themselves. Overall, a pleasant atmosphere.

Anything Else?

One thing I am a big fan of is the digital combination lockers, as you don’t need to remember a pound or worry about losing keys. You just enter a combination of your choice, confirm it, then it’s locked. Enter it again to unlock it. Simple.

It’s worth nothing that there’s also ample Pay and Display parking too. It works out at £1.50 for two hours (more than enough time to use the gym). Remember to get the ticket stamped and you can claim a pound of this back.


I can’t really fault the Swansea University gym. It’s a decent size, always clean, has a good selection of equipment and is rarely too busy. And cool lockers! For the price, it’s excellent for students and the general public alike.


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  • Great range of classes
  • Clean and modern gym
  • Ample parking


  • Not as much equipment as other gyms

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