Why you need a Fitness Advent Calendar this Christmas!

Fitness Advent Calendar

Unlike a regular chocolate-filled advent calendar, the daily opening of a fitness advent calendar is a great way to keep fit this Christmas!

(Don’t be too disappointed at the lack of chocolate… there’s plenty of the sweet stuff around this December!)

So let’s take a look at what one is, the benefits, and an expert’s view on how to do one yourself.



What is a Fitness Advent Calendar?

Essentially, it works like a regular advent calendar in the sense that you ‘open a door’ each day. But instead of chocolate, you get a simple fitness challenge which you must carry out.

These challenge are simple, but build in intensity as the month goes on. By the 25th day of December you’ll be feeling fit and strong – truly earning your Christmas dinner!

How does it work? There are many ways to prepare one. But, for example, on Day 1, you would do a 60-second plank. Then on Day 2, you’d do two minutes of body-weight squats. Day 3 is three sets of push ups. And so on for 25 days, with each day getting a little tougher.

Or you may have something like:

  • 5 x jumping jacks
  • 5 x sit ups
  • 5 x press ups
  • 5 x squats

That’s on the first day, then six of each on the second, seven on the third… and so on.

What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits to a fitness advent calendar:

  • You’re keeping active through a dangerously calorific season!
  • Regular exercise helps keep your festive stress levels low
  • You’re taking some time out to do something for yourself in a very busy season
An Expert Opinion

Emma Atkinson from EmmaLouiseFitness (covering Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot) tells Fitness Swansea about the calendar she designed.

‘I find that a lot of people drop off from exercise in winter, so a fitness advent calendar is a great way to keep motivated as the nights start to draw in and the weather gets colder,’ Emma says.

‘If people can do something short and sharp it encourages them to do more – especially if they don’t have lots of time around Christmas.’

Emma added, ‘My workouts include a cardio move to get the heart-rate up, upper body, lower body and core strengthening. So although it’s short, everything gets covered.’

‘I chose the exercises that I use so that all abilities can have a go. My client base is quite varied and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel excluded. However, they are exercises that could be easily modified or made more advanced if you want an extra challenge.’

‘The calendar I’m doing this year is building up nicely to Christmas Eve, so that everyone giving it a go will have a good workout before all the festivities.’

Give it a Go!

While there are many out there, for beginners and general fitness enthusiasts take a look at Emma’s fitness advent calendar, or try creating your own!


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