Gym Review: Swansea University Gym, Swansea

Swansea University Gym

| Reviewed by Chris Carra | 

I have plenty of experience with the Swansea University gym as I am currently a member there – making me hugely qualified to write a review!

Despite the name, you don’t have to be associated with the university in any way (i.e. you don’t need to be a student to use it). It’s open to the public, and at a pretty competitive price.


The gym itself is actually quite small, compared to places like the LC and The Gym, but The Swansea University Gym is rarely rammed to the point that you have to wait for machines. So, in this case, small is sufficient.

That’s not to say it’s tiny – far from it. Cardio-wise you have a good selection of treadmills, rowing machines, bikes and cross-trainers. On the resistance side of the gym you have a decent area for free weights with enough utility benches to go around.

Then you a power lifter-friendly area with squat racks, Smith machines, benches, and a big range of barbells and plates. There’s also a smaller area featuring mats, kettlebells, TRX, step boxes, and pull-up bars.

For someone like myself – who’s interested in keeping fit using both cardio and weight training – the equipment on offer is more than ample.

Oddly, despite being a member, I can’t talk for the changing rooms as I’ve not actually used them. Unlike the more central gyms, I tend to just get out of the car, workout, then get back in the car to go home. However the general cleanliness of the gym (and other areas) is impeccable. Generally I can’t fault it. There’s always a cleaner milling around, and there’s plenty of signs of regular cleaning.


As fitness class offerings go, Swansea University gym is fantastic. I attend the Titan Conditioning sessions twice a week, while the centre also offers classes such as Les Mills BodyPump, Les Mills Grit, Spin, Zumba and Yoga. All included in the price of a membership.




Aside from saying hello on the way in, I rarely speak with the staff. However, they all seem nice enough and have a good rapport with some users. I don’t usually see them wandering the gym, but there is always one at the little reception area at the entrance to both the centre and the gym itself. I have seen them help some older gym users get to grips with the machines, so if you aren’t comfortable using a gym this is a good aspect.


You will find a big mix of gym users. I tend to go quite early in the mornings and it’s a mix of older folk (around 60 to 80 years old) and, naturally, younger guys and gals, mostly students at the uni. The older users all seem to chat quite a bit, while the younger seem to keep to themselves. Overall, a pleasant atmosphere.

Anything Else?

One thing I am a big fan of is the digital combination lockers, as you don’t need to remember a pound or worry about losing keys. You just enter a combination of your choice, confirm it, then it’s locked. Enter it again to unlock it. Simple.

It’s worth nothing that there’s also ample Pay and Display parking too. It works out at £1.50 for two hours (more than enough time to use the gym). Remember to get the ticket stamped and you can claim a pound of this back.


I can’t really fault the Swansea University gym. It’s a decent size, always clean, has a good selection of equipment and is rarely too busy. And cool lockers! For the price, it’s excellent for students and the general public alike.


Need more info on Swansea University gym? Check our their website!

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Gym Review: The Ware-House, Swansea

The Ware-House

| Reviewed by James Lilley |

Since opening in 2006, The Ware-House, Swansea has grown to be one of the most popular gyms in the city centre. It doesn’t have the polish of the big brand gyms, but it certainly has a soul!


The gym itself has everything you need for your fitness journey. There’s a huge range of classes (see below) but your membership also gives you full access to the gym, which houses a decent free weights, TRX and kettlebell area, a boxing gym with a ring, and the main hall downstairs.

The changing rooms have recently been refitted, although I find they are a tad on the small side. While there is no dedicated gym parking – and the roads around the gym can get pretty busy – you’ll find plenty of parking available if you are willing to pay in the NCP opposite or in the public car park just down the road.


As you can see from the timetable below, the range of classes throughout the day really sets the gym alight. No class is the same, and if you’ve been to a Bootcamp you will know what I mean.

Some days you are in the main hall downstairs doing circuits, others you are across the city, running up Kilvey Hill, down the beach, and generally mixing it up to add an edge other gyms don’t often offer.

As well as the regular timetable, the gym is home to an amateur boxing club which runs on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you have ever wanted to fight, there are the White Collar Boxing events to consider too.

Funkypump Swansea class list

A typical week of classes at The Ware-House!


Online Presence

Full marks again, as the gym is extremely busy on social media, promoting events, advertising class timetable tweaks, shouting out members, and posting class pics / training videos. Honestly, I haven’t seen a better online presence from a gym and its trainers than the Ware-House.


When it comes to atmosphere, The Ware-House and its sister gym blow the competition out of the water in this department.

Gyms are the new social hub and The Ware-House is a shining example of this. The trainers are friendly, welcoming and make a real effort to get to know everyone personally. If you are without a partner for a class you don’t have far to look for someone willing to help out. The White Collar events have legendary nights out, Christmas parties, ski trips, fundraisers and more. The gym does it all!


The price ranges to include classes, and you can purchase individual sessions on a credit system. I’d say the normal cost is above average. But if you attended the gym regularly and do the classes, you will get more than value for money.

As an open gym it probably falls short compared to the facilities you would get at the big brand gyms, but the personal experience is second-to-none and full of personal trainers who are more than happy to help and guide you. For this, you can’t go wrong.


The Ware-House, Swansea is a gym with soul! I wouldn’t recommend this gym if you want to keep to yourself, as this is a family atmosphere and the classes are bouncing.

From pumping music to trainers/members shouting and clapping, The Warehouse has heart. Granted, it hasn’t got the smooth edges of the cut-and-paste big brand gyms, but that’s a good thing in my opinion.

This gym was built for people to have a good time when training. That’s why I highly recommend checking this place out if you are looking for somewhere to start, or are bored of the usual gym grind!


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Gym Review: The Gym, Swansea

The Gym, Swansea

| Reviewed By Joe Tobin |

As a 31-year-old who keeps relatively fit, I have used several different gyms around Swansea over the past fifteen years.

I would describe myself as having a moderate interest in health and fitness, with my focus generally on cardio machines while I train for 10Ks and half marathons. For the past five years I have been a member of The Gym, Swansea at the top of Princess Way in the city centre.


The Gym, Swansea

The Gym, Swansea – on a typical miserable winter’s day!


The single-floor gym has a large, open-plan layout. The decor is generally no-frills although a recent refurbishment saw a vibrant lick of paint added to the walls. I always feel entry to the gym floor is a bit like being in a sci-fi movie, as an 8-digit code grants access to an ‘entry pod’.

All the equipment you would expect from a modern gym can be found, such as treadmills which overlook Princess Way. An amusing aspect of this is watching pedestrians below looking up in fascination at the gym above. I also like the the ‘Myride’ bikes, which play video footage on screen as if to imitate a ride around various locations such as woodland, the coast, and even Seattle!

Of course, there are also rowing machines, a variety of weights equipment, and a free weights area which is not my area of expertise but always seems popular. Importantly there is more than sufficient quantity of equipment that means you will rarely be kept waiting, even during busy periods.

While The Gym, Swansea is budget in price, this is certainly not reflected in the facilities on offer. TV screens dotted around play music videos. There are no news or sports channels showing but I don’t mind this at all, as I like to visit the gym to ‘escape’ for an hour or so!

A handy feature on the gym’s website are videos demonstrating how to use the equipment. This is useful for beginners and those, like myself, who perhaps aren’t 100% confident using certain machines.


Staff are available most of the time, and I’m sure they are happy to help, although I’ve had limited interaction with them myself. Note that they also double up as personal trainers who are available to hire.


There is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere here, and the clientele is a mixture of all ages and abilities. In some gyms, I’ve sensed a little cliquishness among members using the weights equipment, but I have never felt that to be the case here.

Because the gym is open 24 hours, on several occasions I have visited after 10pm. Despite the late time, everything still feels safe. The entry system helps the gym feel secure and the relaxed atmosphere is maintained. People simply get on with their own thing. I have also found that, while it is not that busy late at night, there are still enough people around that the place doesn’t feel too eerie!

Changing Rooms

The changing rooms and showers are clean, with more than enough lockers available. However, it is with the lockers that we find one of the more unusual aspects of the gym. Instead of popping in a £1 coin to operate the locker, you must use your own padlock. If you don’t already happen to own one, you can buy one from a vending machine for £5.

This might irritate some people, but then I would argue that you are already getting excellent value for money with the membership itself. I also find that the locks themselves feel a little temperamental, as the catch sometimes doesn’t move properly when turning it.


It’s a budget gym with a price of £13.99 a month to new members (plus the £20 ‘joining fee’). There’s no contract to tie you down either – you can stop your membership at any time. For this, The Gym is great value for money!


Locks and lockers aside, my five years as a member of The Gym, Swansea has been a largely positive experience. Until other gyms lower their prices and offer the same membership flexibility, I have no reason to consider changing. For the bargain price, you really can’t go wrong.


Check out the website for The Gym, Swansea for more details on pricing, times and equipment.

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Gym Review: The LC, Swansea

The LC Gym in Swansea

| Reviewed By Chris Carra |

First off, let’s get something straight – it’s called the LC, not the LC2! The ‘2’ in the logo is actually a wave. As far as I know, it’s officially known as the LC. 

Now that’s out of the way, I can start my review.

And, to me, the LC is perhaps the best gym in Swansea. While I’m not a member there, it’s my go-to gym if I need to work-out while in the city centre.

There’s plenty going for it – it’s central, it’s modern, it’s well-equipped, it’s clean and it actually has one of the best views a gym in Swansea can offer (overlooking the Waterfront Museum and green spaces from the second floor).

Note that this is a review of the LC Gym, not the classes, pool, or facility as a whole.


The actual gym is set inside the main LC complex, which also offers other fitness activities such as the pool, a spa, and a climbing wall, as well as a cafe and some sort of children’s play area.

This gym is set over two floors. The lower floor is primarily cardio equipment, with everything from treadmills and cross trainers, to those cool StairMaster machines (not sure if that’s the exact brand the LC use). I believe there are around 180 in total over the two floors, which is pretty generous.

A small free-weights section and resistance area exists on the lower floor, but it’s up the oddly-long spiral staircase to the second floor where the majority of free-weights and resistance machines sit.

Bench press (flat, incline and decline), squat racks, utility benches and Smith machines all feature, as do a pretty generous selection of plates and dumbbells. You’ll find some extras such as kettlebells, powerbags and medicine balls, but not a huge range in this department.


I rarely see them on the second floor, but a few were milling around the entrance to the gym. All seemed approachable and friendly, although I don’t tend to actually speak to anyone (call me antisocial…).


It’s quite a calm gym in general. The general clientele seems a big mix of age groups and abilities. Overall it’s quite quiet, which is good. Sure, you’ll get a few nutters dropping weights and psyching themselves up now and again, but everyone seems to get on with it in relative silence. The gym is also peppered with TVs showing various shows including SkySports, should you wish to catch a match while working out!

Changing Rooms 

Having only been in the men’s changing rooms I can say that the LC offers a very clean experience. One of the cleanest changing experiences I’ve had at a gym in Swansea (because there are some pretty grim ones!). There’s rarely any water on the floor, the general smell isn’t unpleasant, and there are plenty of lockers.

The shower area is clean and the showers function quite well. However I’m not a fan of the automatic on/off feature. For me, this feature tends to be a little temperamental (not so great when you have soap in your eyes…). Otherwise no complaints in this department.


I’m happy to recommend the LC gym in Swansea. It’s definitely one of the best in the city, although suited more towards the general gym-goer and fitness enthusiast, instead of serious bodybuilders or power-lifters. It’s spacious, clean and overall decent value for money (a single session is £5.95).


Check the LC website for more details on times, prices and equipment.

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